Kemp: ‘Georgia should be the obvious pick’ for Amazon’s HQ2

E-commerce giant, Amazon, Inc., is looking to build a new headquarters in North America.

Georgia should be the obvious pick.

With the world’s busiest airport, the Port of Savannah, and a robust interstate and rail network connecting every corner of our state to the world, Georgia far surpasses the logistics needs that Amazon demands.

Thanks to a growing technology sector and research institutions like Georgia Tech, the wide range and availability of talent in the region will meet Amazon’s workforce wants from top to bottom. The cost of living is low while quality of life is undeniably high. We have vibrant, diverse, and growing communities that offer unique experiences and a sense of place. Our labor force is nationally recognized and ready to work!

After weathering the Great Recession, Governor Deal and the Georgia Department of Economic Development worked in tandem with Peach State lawmakers to rebuild our economy, spur job creation, train workers, and keep our state solvent. The regional economic development professionals, both public and private, labored together in a unique and remarkably cohesive manner to win prospects and grow jobs.

The results were nothing short of remarkable.

Boasting low taxes and business friendly government, Georgia became the #1 State for Business – 4 years in a row. As one of the few remaining states with an AAA Bond Rating, Georgia is clearly a sound investment.

By coupling a robust incentive package that benefits hardworking Georgians with a proven track record of pro-business government, Georgia can lure Amazon (and their 50,000 advertised jobs) without having to compromise her values or sell-out to the special interests.

In fact, becoming the 2 nd headquarters for Amazon is good for Georgia companies – both large and small. With so many businesses using the retailer as an online marketplace and clearing house, Amazon’s presence in Georgia will serve as a catalyst for innovation. The industry leader will spur local entrepreneurs to dream bigger and think globally.

The Peach State is a “prime” location for Amazon, Inc. We bring more value, better resources, and government that supports private sector growth.

Like we’ve done so many times before, it’s time to work together and show Amazon why Georgia should be the only state on their mind.

To read my OpEd in the Atlanta Business Chronicle, click HERE.