On Saturday, conservative businessman and Secretary of State Brian Kemp highlighted his experience, record, and plan to put hardworking Georgians first during the first Republican gubernatorial forum of the 2017-2018 election cycle.

Shortly after the Milledgeville forum, one of the panelists, Jessica Szilagyi from All On Georgia, penned her feedback on the event.

“Kemp is seasoned, sincere, and delivers his message in a very relaxed manner. He is good at making voters feel like they’ll be a part of the process and that he is ready to listen. It is clear he is already familiar with the difficulties different counties across the state experience, so he is past the learning curve.”

Szilagyi also acknowledged Kemp’s commitment to tackling the healthcare crisis in rural Georgia.

“Kemp has the greatest sense of clarity on rural healthcare – and rural issues overall. He was able to offer solutions that have a chance to be implemented, and in the short term. His proposal of telemedicine by way of broadband Internet and recognizing medical infrastructure as the lifeline for young people to return back to their communities after getting an education demonstrated that Kemp won’t have to wait for local government leaders to explain problems.”

Tonight, Kemp will participate in a forum hosted by the Richmond County Republican Committee in Augusta.