Put Hardworking Students– Not The Status Quo – First

To improve educational outcomes in Georgia, we must look to parents, local school boards and stakeholders – not state government. By eliminating burdensome mandates and ridiculous regulations, we can empower teachers to teach. Through engagement with parents, we can ensure that students in failing schools have choices and a way to realize their full potential.

To put hardworking students– not the status quo – first, we must:

  1. Reduce the state’s role in education and empower parents, teachers, local school boards, and administrators;
  2. Craft a student-based QBE Formula that expands local control;
  3. Respect teachers’ time by reducing paperwork, unpaid duties, micromanagement so teachers can actually teach;
  4. Reduce standardized testing so that our children will have more time to learn.
  5. Set high standards, especially in civics and encourage school boards to customize curriculums to meet the workforce needs of tomorrow (cyber, agriculture, technology, etc.)
  6. Support school choice while strengthening the public school system;
  7. Double SSO Tax Credits;
  8. Promote Educational Savings Accounts (ESAs) starting with a pilot for military families;