Today, conservative businessman and Secretary of State Brian Kemp released a plan to strengthen rural Georgia. A New Day in Rural Georgia identifies the problems facing many communities in the Peach State and offers policy prescriptions in infrastructure, agriculture, economic development, education, healthcare, and veterans affairs.

“With high unemployment, educational outcomes below state averages, and minimal access to quality healthcare or new economic development opportunities, rural Georgia needs the attention of our next governor. We must ensure that all parts of our state are given the same opportunities to grow and thrive. We cannot be a state divided. We must move forward together.”

Kemp’s infrastructure plan for rural Georgia includes expanding high speed Internet by incentivizing the private sector and streamlining – not growing – government.

He proposes a push to strengthen and enhance the extension and research components of Georgia’s land grant universities, expand inland ports, and take “Georgia Grown” to the international stage. Kemp also advocates for the creation of an agricultural workforce development program through the Technical College System of Georgia to train future farmers and agri-business leaders.

With a goal of making Georgia #1 for small business, Kemp wants to take a chainsaw to ridiculous, job-killing regulations and organize Economic Strike Teams to identify assets and opportunities in depressed communities.

To enhance educational outcomes for Georgia students, Kemp recommends the expansion of virtual learning, growth of school choice, and calls for SSO Scholarship Tax Credits to be doubled.

Kemp has a keen understanding of the rural healthcare crisis and will grow tele-medicine, support incentives for medical providers in rural Georgia, and work with community leaders to save struggling hospitals.

Finally, as governor, Kemp will work to enhance the relationships between military base leadership, local governments, higher educational institutions, and businesses to ensure joint local economic development strategies are in play.

“A New Day in Rural Georgia serves as a framework for strengthening communities outside of our urban and suburban core. By empowering local leaders and the private sector, we can realize our full potential as a state and create a bright and promising future for all Georgians – regardless of zip code.”

Read Brian Kemp’s rural Georgia plan HERE.