Kemp Applauds Audit Of Special Interest Tax Breaks, Calls For Preservation Of Film Tax Credit

Today, conservative businessman and Secretary of State Brian Kemp applauded an ongoing audit of special interest tax breaks that are costing hardworking Georgians millions of dollars each year. Kemp also called for the preservation of the film tax credit that generates billions in economic revenue while supporting over 25,000 jobs throughout the Peach State.

“In Georgia, the special interests are getting tax cuts while hardworking folks are stuck paying the bill,” said Kemp. “As governor, I will review every tax incentive to determine the Return On Investment (ROI). If it doesn’t create more economic opportunity than it costs, we are going to repeal it.

“One tax incentive that we’ve thoroughly vetted is Georgia’s film tax credit. Thanks to Governor Deal’s leadership, Georgia is the top state for business and the #1 location for television and film. With $9.5 billion in economic impact – $2.7 billion in direct spending – and over 25,000 jobs, tax incentives to attract the film industry clearly benefit Georgia’s businesses and workforce. As governor, I will push to preserve this important tax incentive so studios can expand their footprint and invest in our communities.”