Kemp Introduces Adoption Reform Framework

Today, conservative businessman and Secretary of State Brian Kemp identified adoption reform as a legislative priority by releasing a plan to streamline the adoption process and reduce costs on Georgia families.

“National Adoption Awareness Month is coming to a close but adoption reform should be a year-round priority,” said Kemp. “Being pro-life extends beyond protecting an embryo, fetus, or baby in the womb. It’s time to streamline the adoption process in Georgia and ensure that every child has the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive.

As governor, Kemp will raise the current adoption tax credit from $2,000 to $6,000. The tax credit is available for five years with no income cap, and can be used for ALL adoptions – not just the adoption of a qualified foster child. Contributions made by an employer will not be taxed.

“The adoption process is incredibly expensive and cost prohibitive for many hardworking Georgians. By increasing the adoption tax credit, capping fees, and establishing accountability measures, we can revive the adoption movement and place more children in loving families.

To reduce the number of days that abandoned babies spend in the hospital or in foster care, Kemp recommends a collaboration between DFCS, non-profits, and adoption attorneys to “Pre-Approve” families.

“Efforts are already underway in the State House to update outdated laws that create red tape and frustration. As governor, I will refuse to play politics on this incredibly important and timely issue. Instead, I will urge lawmakers to pass a clean version of Rep. Bert Reeves’ bill and I will sign it immediately.”

To read Brian Kemp’s adoption reform framework, click HERE.