Cagle Aims, Misses On The Truth

On May 21, career politician Casey Cagle vowed to run a “positive campaign.” Days later, he took aim at conservative businessman Brian Kemp with a poorly produced and incredibly unoriginal television ad.


Cagle’s ad attempts to undermine Kemp’s private sector experience by attacking Hart AgStrong – a small Georgia oilseed processor that Kemp invested in prior to the Great Recession.


Here are the facts:


  • Kemp started his business career over thirty years ago with a pick-up truck and a shovel.


  • Since then Kemp has invested in countless companies like Hart AgStrong that create jobs and economic opportunities throughout Georgia.


  • Since investing in Hart AgStrong, the company has experienced highs and lows – just like many small businesses through Georgia. Kemp is not nor ever has been responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company.


  • Hart AgStrong is working to repay their debts. In fact, they recently settled one of the lawsuits mentioned in Cagle’s commercial.


  • Kemp has not personally defaulted on loans. He does not personally owe farmers. Kemp did not have his license suspended. These three claims – the crux of Cagle’s commercial – are patently false.


  • Cagle’s ad highlights his ignorance on how the private sector works. He decries small business investment and chides hardworking Georgians who are trying to create better opportunities for their family, communities.


Media Statement:


“Desperate politicians like Casey Cagle say the dumbest, most ignorant things when they see power and prestige slipping through their fingers. Brian Kemp started his first business over thirty years ago with a pick-up truck and a shovel. Since then, he has invested in start-ups throughout our state that have created jobs for hundreds of hardworking Georgians. While Kemp was contributing to the local economy, Casey Cagle was flying high on state airplanes, cruising around to campaign events with his state car and State Trooper, and billing taxpayers for his extravagant lifestyle. Kemp was working hard to provide for his family and Cagle was selling access and votes to the highest bidder.” – Ryan Mahoney, Kemp for Governor