Cagle Aims, Misses the Truth (Part III)

Career politician Casey Cagle is lashing out after a secret recording left his campaign for governor spiraling out of control. Cagle’s new ad attacks conservative businessman Brian Kemp and attempts to undermine his successful tenure as Georgia’s Secretary of State.

Here are the facts:

•    This is a false, recycled political attack perpetuated by the left-wing news media and career politicians like Casey Cagle.
•    There was never a data breech or a hack at the Secretary of State’s office. These claims are patently false.
•    Under Kemp’s leadership, all systems were upgraded. Personal data remains safe and secure.
•    In 2015, an employee broke security protocols that didn’t exist before Kemp took office and included confidential information in a data file (disc) provided to local media and political parties.
•    The discs were immediately recovered and destroyed, the employee was terminated, and Kemp implemented new processes to prevent a repeat occurrence.
•    As a precaution, free credit monitoring was offered to all Georgians. No personal information was ever compromised. 
•    Kemp took full responsibility and distinguished himself as a true leader and man of integrity.

Media Statement

“The fake controversy over the release of confidential information is a recycled and false political attack. When a rogue employee broke security protocols, Brian Kemp took immediate action. He protected our personal information, fired the person responsible, and implemented new security measures to prevent a future occurrence.”