Rep. Ed Setzler Endorses Kemp For Governor

(Athens, GA) – Conservative lawmaker and Chairman of the House Science and Technology Committee Rep. Ed Setzler (R – Acworth) has joined a growing list of elected officials who are backing Brian Kemp for governor.

“Brian Kemp is a self-made businessman who was successful in the ‘real world’ before he ever entered politics,” said Rep. Setzler. “For 30 years, Kemp has built companies and created private sector jobs for working professionals throughout the state.

“As Secretary of State, Kemp used cutting edge technologies to streamline operations, reduce costs, and dramatically improve customer service. He took on the Obama Justice Department to fight for secure, accessible, and fair elections in Georgia.

“As governor, Brian Kemp will supercharge Georgia’s economy by cutting harmful regulations and putting the interests of hardworking Georgians, first – not the special interests.

“Most importantly, Brian Kemp is a man of character who will defend our conservative, Georgia values – unapologetically!

“I am proud to endorse Brian Kemp for Governor!”