(Athens, GA) – Realtor and conservative lawmaker Rep. Sam Teasley (R-37), who represents Cobb County in the Georgia General Assembly, endorsed businessman Brian Kemp today calling him a “school choice champion” and “constitutional conservative.”

“Businessman Brian Kemp has a simple but consistent plan to put people – not politics – first,” said Teasley. “On the campaign trail, Kemp has talked about making our state #1 for small business, capping government spending, and supporting important public safety reforms. But his stance on education reform in Georgia and his strong, clear commitment to protect religious expression solidified my endorsement.

“Brian Kemp understands that it is essential to empower parents and families in the education of their children. Before the legislative session, Kemp called for the SSO tax credit to be doubled – because it’s good public policy. The father of three teenage daughters, Kemp is a longtime supporter of charter schools and giving parents the power to choose what’s best for their children.

“Kemp is a constitutional conservative with deep convictions. He understands the values that have made our nation great – free enterprise, small government, and the protection of essential civil liberties like Free Speech and the Free Exercise of Religion. He’s the same person behind closed doors that he is behind a microphone at the Cobb County GOP breakfast. We can trust Brian to do the right thing – even when no one is looking.

“The stakes this election are extremely high and we need someone who we can trust to do what he says he will do. If you believe in school choice and want to see Georgia unapologetically advance our constitutional conservative agenda, join me in voting Kemp for Governor. As Governor, Brian will ensure a better, brighter future for hardworking Georgians by putting us ahead of special interests under the Gold Dome.”

Rep. Teasley served as Grassroots Chairman for Hunter Hill’s gubernatorial campaign.