(Athens, GA) – In a secret recording, career politician Casey Cagle insulted conservatives and confessed to passing “bad” legislation for campaign contributions. Today, conservative businessman Brian Kemp summarized the ongoing corruption scandal and promised voters that he would make them “proud” in his latest television ad, “Every Day.”


“I’m Brian Kemp. Casey Cagle is falsely attacking because he has to.

“You’ve heard the tapes. Cagle admitted that he thought a new state law was bad policy for Georgia but it could mean millions to his campaign so Cagle passed it anyway.

“Well if that’s not criminal – it should be.

“I’m Brian Kemp and as governor, I’ll fight for what’s right. To make Georgia proud. Every day.”

About Casey Cagle’s Ongoing Corruption Scandal:

After failing to advance in the Republican Primary held on May 22, 2018, businessman and Navy Seal Clay Tippins met with Lt. Governor Casey Cagle to discuss an endorsement.

Tippins recorded the entire conversation on his iPhone.

On June 7, the Atlanta Journal Constitution and WSB-TV broke the story and released seven minutes of the recording.

The most notable dialogue recorded was about a controversial school choice bill that Cagle beat “to a pulp” in years past but advanced during the 2018 Legislative Session. When asked by Tippins to explain the change of heart, Cagle confessed that his decision was politically motivated.

“It ain’t about public policy,” said Cagle. “It’s about (expletive) politics. There’s a group that was getting ready to put $3 million behind Hunter Hill…Is it bad public policy? Between you and me, it is. I can tell you how it is a thousand different ways.”

Days later, Sen. Lindsey Tippins, who recently resigned as Senate Education Chairman (and Uncle of Clay Tippins) went on the record to affirm the validity of Cagle’s comments. Sen. Tippins also revealed that Cagle forced passage of another controversial bill to steer campaign cash into his own coffers.

“He said, ‘I’ve got to do something for charter schools,’ ” said Tippins, describing a conversation with Cagle in the legislative session’s closing days. “He said, ‘The Walton Family Foundation is fixing to put $2 million in Hunter Hill’s campaign. And he said, ‘If this bill passes, I’ll get it in mine.’ ”

Shortly after Sen. Tippins’ revelation, State Senator Bill Heath and State Rep. Susan Holmes requested a criminal investigation stating:

“These questions need to be asked by law enforcement because Cagle has demonstrated repeatedly, notably on the audio recording provided by Clay Tippins, that he will lie with a straight face to the media and voters.”

Others pilled on including conservative lawyer and talk show host Erick Erickson.

“Georgia law makes it a felony for an elected official to advance legislation in exchange for anything of value. If Sen. Tippins is right that Cagle wanted a campaign donation, Cagle arguably committed a felony. If Cagle is telling the truth that he wanted to stop an opponent from getting money, he also arguably committed a felony because that too would be a valuable benefit to him.”

The secret recording is only part of Cagle’s ongoing corruption scandal. In addition to accepting millions of dollars from special interests in exchange for tax breaks, the Atlanta Journal Constitution recently reported that Cagle is using state aircraft to avoid traffic and raise money for his political campaign. There is an ethics complaint pending review. It was also reported by the New York Times that Cagle purchased a condo from a well-known energy lobbyist at a discount and then flipped the property years later for a large return on investment.