Abrams’ Distractions – What Is Going On Here? 

Abrams’ Distractions – What Is Going On Here? 

It’s clear San Francisco liberals want radical Stacey Abrams to be Georgia’s next governor – but they know Abrams’ extreme agenda and shameful voting record won’t fly with voters. So, they are launching false, desperate attacks against conservative businessman Brian Kemp.  

The latest lie? Well, these California radicals didn’t just stop at one.

Lie #1: Brian Kemp purged 1.5 million people from the voter rolls

  • Brian Kemp is following state and federal law, which mandates the Secretary of State conduct routine maintenance on the state’s voting rolls by removing those who are deceased, ineligible to vote, etc. This process keeps the voting rolls accurate and secure.

Lie #2: 214 precincts have shut down in Georgia 

  • Local election officials – not the Secretary of State – are solely responsible for consolidating polling locations.
  • The latest poll closing scandal in Randolph County was started by local Democrats – and opposed by Brian Kemp

Lie #3: Brian Kemp released 6 Million voters’ private information to the press

  • No individual’s private information was compromised or stolen.
  • A state employee broke proper procedures and protocols. He was immediately fired. 

Lie #4: Brian Kemp refused to replace Georgia’s hackable polling machines

  • Georgia’s election system is secure and heavily monitored around the clock.
  • Our election system has never been hacked.
  • The General Assembly must change current law and appropriate the funds to change the voting system – not the Secretary of State. Efforts to update the system failed during the legislative session.
  • In 2017, Kemp piloted new voting machines in Conyers.
  • Brian Kemp started the SAFE Commission, which will recommend a new voting system to the General Assembly in 2019.  

Lie #5: Kemp is trying to get elected by keeping us from voting 

  • It has never been easier to vote – or register to vote – in Georgia, thanks to Brian Kemp. 
  • Kemp implemented 24/7 online voter registration. To date, over 211,000 Georgians have used the system to register. 
  • Stacey Abrams voted against this legislation.
  • Minority and youth registration in Georgia is surging thanks to Brian Kemp’s innovative reforms.   

Media Statement: 

“Stacey Abrams’ radical backers are spending millions to turn Georgia into the next California. Instead of telling the truth about Abrams’ extreme agenda, they are telling lies about Brian Kemp’s record as Secretary of State. They want to cover up Abrams’ corruption scandal and this ridiculous, baseless commercial is the best idea they had.” – Cody Hall, Press Secretary