Keeping Georgia Students Safe

Keeping Georgia Students Safe

Brian Kemp is a father, husband, and businessman with detailed plans to put hardworking Georgians first and keep our families safe.

During the campaign, Kemp released detailed policy proposals to dismantle drug cartels and street gangs in Georgia. He will be a governor that partners with law enforcement and prosecutors to crush sex trafficking, curb violent crime, and protect innocent children from sexual predators.

As Chairman of the Senate Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee, Kemp led bipartisan reforms in courthouse security. As governor, Brian Kemp will lead on school security. Building off initiatives introduced by Governors Perdue and Deal, Kemp will ensure Georgia classrooms are ripe for learning – not violence.

Support Counselor Program

Modeled after Governor Sonny Perdue’s Graduation Coach program, Brian Kemp will champion a Support Counselors program to assist and guide students who are battling mental health issues, opioid abuse, violence in the home, bullying and suicide. These counselors would also work to improve graduation rates by connecting students, families with available academic resources and services.

By funding at least one Support Counselor in each Georgia high school, we can meet the needs of Georgia students, reduce the burden on classroom teachers, and ultimately address many of the challenges and situations that inspire school shootings.

Cost: $22,980,000 (All High Schools – 343)

One-Time Funding for School Security 

Brian Kemp strongly believes in local control and the need to let parents, teachers, administrators, and school board members determine the best ways to keep students safe.

After consulting with local superintendents and school security specialists, Kemp recommends $30,000 in one-time funding to all 2,292 public schools in Georgia to be used for “school security purposes” to be defined as: 

  • Personnel, including school resource officers whose funding can be matched with local sheriffs to offset costs;
  • Capital expenditures, to include:
    • Cameras
    • Single-point of access systems
    • Crisis management systems 
    • Metal detectors
  • Operational expenses, to include:
    • Data analytics systems
    • Vendor payments for security purposes 

Cost: $68,760,000 (2,292 Public Schools)

School Safety Division – Georgia Department of Education 

As governor, Brian Kemp will establish a School Safety Division at the Department of Education to:

  • Develop a model for best practices;
  • Train district personnel and administrators;
  • Maintain open dialogue on current threats/needs;

Led by a former law enforcement official with support staff, the School Safety Division will be tasked with reviewing school security proposals and administering the one-time funding as proposed by Kemp.

Cost: $0. Re-allocation of funds within the Department of Education.