Legislative Leaders Support Kemp’s “Keep Georgia Students Safe” Plan

Legislative Leaders Support Kemp’s “Keep Georgia Students Safe” Plan

Republican nominee for Lt. Governor, Geoff Duncan 
“I’m honored to be a part of this discussion addressing such an important issue to me and my family. School safety is a personal issue at the Duncan and Kemp households – and you can be sure we won’t play politics with your children’s safety.”

House Speaker David Ralston (R – Blue Ridge)
“I was proud that the House of Representatives led on the issue of school safety this year. Joined by our Senate colleagues, we allotted an additional $16 million among Georgia’s schools to secure campuses.

“As Georgia’s next governor, Brian Kemp understands the need to do more. As a father, he knows that the safety and security of our children must continue to be our priority. As a leader, his vision for giving our schools more resources is just one way he will lead Georgia to a brighter tomorrow.

“The choice for Georgians could not be clearer. If you want someone who will stand up for our children and grandchildren, then we’ve got to elect Brian Kemp as our next Governor.”  

Senate President Pro-Tem Butch Miller (R – Gainesville)
“Our children are the most vulnerable and precious members of our society, and it is critical that Georgia leaders do everything in their power to keep our schools secure. Secretary Kemp’s school safety plan ensures students have access to a safe learning environment and values taxpayer dollars by expanding the education reforms championed by Governor Deal.

“The Senate and House have been hard at work with Governor Deal to take action concerning an issue that is close to everyone’s hearts, regardless of political preference. From allocating additional funds for school safety initiatives, to working with experts in law enforcement to secure our schools, school safety has been a top priority for elected officials across the state.

“I look forward to working with Georgia’s next Governor, Brian Kemp, in building off of the progress made in making Georgia’s public schools the safest in the nation.”

House Speaker Pro-Tem Jan Jones (R – Milton)
“As a mother of four, I know that a parent’s top priority is the safety of their children – especially when they are in the care of others. As a father to three teenage daughters, Brian understands firsthand the importance of keeping our schools a place where Georgia students have a secure, welcoming climate to learn. This detailed, realistic plan will put the safety of our children and school personnel first.”

Senate Study Committee on School Safety Chairman, John Albers (R – Roswell)
“I support our future Governor Brian Kemp who has made our children a top priority.  His initiatives to increase school safety funds to $92 million, add critical mental health solutions and implement best practices in each school will assure all Georgia schools are safe.

We have a moral and legal obligation to protect our schools and Brian Kemp is the right person for the job. Brian Kemp knows our current process of listening to students, parents, teachers, school administrators and first responders allows for the best dialogue and solutions.

Leadership is action and we are working together with our next Governor Brian Kemp alongside the Georgia Senate and House of Representatives public safety and school safety committees.  This teamwork approach which supports proactive threat assessments, reporting solutions, preventative care, physical security modifications and innovative response models will lead the nation.”  

House School Security Study Committee Chairman, Rick Jasperse (R – Jasper)
“I commend Republican gubernatorial nominee Brian Kemp for taking the lead in working to keep our schools safe. Just like Governor Deal, Secretary of State Kemp is investing in education with his proposal we saw released today.  

“In the 2018 budget, we worked together to put $16 million in school safety funds. Brian Kemp is proposing $92 million to continue to protect our schools and invest in the mental health of our students. During this summer, committees in both the Georgia House and the Senate have been exploring the critical issue of school security. Chairman John Albers (R-Roswell), Chairman Alan Powell (R-Hartwell) and I have dedicated our summer and fall looking into improving school safety. 

“Ideas such as threat assessment models, communication between departments, school construction changes, mental health treatment, school climate, and more are being discussed by their committees and experts.

“I am confident that Secretary Kemp has the best interests of our students, teachers and staff in mind, and his proposal shows that he is the only choice for Georgia’s next governor.”