Brian Kemp’s Patient-Centered Health System Proposal

Brian Kemp’s Patient-Centered Health System Proposal

Brian Kemp is a husband, father, and tell it like it is businessman who is fed up with outrageous insurance premiums, lackluster coverage, and unacceptable provider shortages in rural communities throughout Georgia. 

As governor, Kemp will create a patient-centered health system that’s right for Georgia. He will lower insurance costs, ensure access to quality care, expand insurance options, cover Georgians with pre-existing conditions and spur innovation to address systemic healthcare challenges in our state.

Above all, Brian Kemp will put patients – not the status quo or well-funded special interests – first.

Principles for Kemp’s Patient-Centered Health System:

  • Affordable insurance premiums
  • Accessible healthcare
  • Expanded choices in insurance coverage, providers
  • Collaboration to address mental health, Alzheimer’s disease
  • Quality care through innovation, transparency


  • Stabilize individual and small group exchange markets, cover Georgians with pre-existing conditions through reinsurance program;
  • Limit surprise billing through expanded network coverage, up-to-date provider directory


  • Increase OB-GYN and Primary Care doctors in rural Georgia through Provider Loan Forgiveness Program, encourage Centers of Excellence;
  • Ensure access for families in rural Georgia by growing the Rural Hospital Tax Credit Program – increasing the cap from $60M to $100M;
  • Grow telemedicine services in areas with limited connectivity by empowering the private sector to provide High Speed Internet;


  • Expand insurance choices and lower costs for individuals and small businesses by embracing Association Health Plans;
  • Set specific, achievable goals to lower the uninsured population by expanding choices;


  • Create a Commission on Behavioral Health to address the state and national problem of mental health and substance abuse – including issues like school security, teen suicide, and PTSD amongst veterans;
  • Coordinate efforts amongst research institutions, academic hospitals, the private sector, and the healthcare technology industry to work towards a cure for Alzheimer’s disease; 


  • Incentivize the innovation of healthcare delivery and quality by charging public, private, and academic stakeholders with plan formulation and strategy;
  • Identify specific clinical priorities of infant and maternal mortality, opioid abuse, and severe mental illness, which need greater attention and focus; Develop strategy for each to improve access to care and quality of life.

Stacey Abrams’ extreme agenda builds upon the systemic failures of Obamacare by moving us towards a government run, single payer healthcare system that will cost billions, triple state income taxes, worsen the doctor shortage, dramatically reduce access to quality care, and ultimately bankrupt our state. Her plan puts the government, not the individual, in charge of health needs. 

As governor, Kemp will craft a patient centered healthcare program that puts hardworking Georgians first. We will see lower costs, improved access, and better healthcare outcomes throughout Georgia. Brian Kemp will lead our state to a healthier, more prosperous future.