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Friday, October 19, 2018


(Athens, GA) – Today, over 400 hardworking Georgians responded to Stacey Abrams’ disgraceful comments that: “People shouldn’t have to go into agriculture or hospitality to make a living in Georgia.”

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Thursday, October 18th, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

Recently, gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams stated: “People shouldn’t have to go into agriculture or hospitality to make a living in Georgia.”

At a time when farm families across Georgia are grappling with unprecedented destruction and loss in the wake of Hurricane Michael, these words are irresponsible and display a shocking ignorance about our state’s oldest and largest industry.

Even in today’s shameful political environment, Ms. Abrams has reached a new, disgraceful low.

These are the facts: Agriculture contributes $75 billion dollars to Georgia’s economy annually. 1 in every 7 jobs in Georgia are connected to agriculture or agribusiness. Agriculture provides economic opportunities in communities throughout our state. Farm families are the bedrock of rural Georgia.

We understand Ms. Abrams raised a large sum of money for her political campaign in San Francisco and New York. Perhaps if she spent more time in rural Georgia outside of campaign season she would realize how vital agriculture is to Georgia.

Being a farmer isn’t always an easy way to make a living. It takes hard work, resilience, and faith in Almighty God. But it is an honorable and rewarding way to put food on the table for our families and families around the globe.

In this dark hour, our farmers and those in agribusiness do not need condescension and disparaging comments from Ms. Abrams. They need prayers and support. They need leaders who understand the challenges they face every day.

Stacey Abrams’ own words have shown she has utterly failed to meet that standard. She is unfit to serve as our state’s next governor.


Georgia Farmers and Supporters of Georgia Agriculture

Gary Black
Lydia Black
Ward Black
Caroline Lewallen
Bryan Tolar
William Reems
Dan Bremer
Doug Garrison
Tommy Dollar
Joe Burns
Tim Short
Glenn Smith
Julian Morgan
Benjamin Stout
Dan Oliver
Albert Wildes
Don Giles
Ramona Giles
Russ Goodman
Andy Stone
Kent Fountain
Gibb Barrett
Donna Stewart
John Raley
Joel McKie
Stuart Cofer
Dan Richardson
Cleve Jackson
Keith Kelly
Kevin Hendrix
Mike Anderson
Stephen Aaron
Greg & Kim Rutland
Jimmy Champion
Nicole Trunk
Tom Coogle
Bill Brim
Abby Jackson
Lanair Worsham
Jon Samples
Alison Bagwell Smith
Will Harris
Andy Thompson
Aries Haygood
Betts Berry
Roy Embry
Pat Farrell
Greg Leger
Wade Hall
David Evans
Ken Corbett
Kim Corbett
Justin Corbett
Jared Corbett
Leighton Cooley
John David Allen
Glenn Robinson
Jerome Crosby
Sheila Brower
Nadine Warden
Tammy Gilland
Terrell Hudson
Pat Farrell
Judd Chambers
Jake Carter
Kenneth Murphy
Bruce Norton
Michael Thomason
Nick Thomason
Brannon Wilkinson
Steven Wilkinson
Mike Bruce
Marvin Cole
Max Freeman
Benton Hall
Rebecca Whitfield
Ken Whitfield
Ryan Whitfield
Tara Andrews
Jacob Holmes
Thomas Martin
Wayne Ertzberger
Tyler Ertzberger
Judy Ayers
Levi Chappelear
Cody Sain
James Sain
Crystal Martin
Trent Martin
Daniel Dobbs
Ronnie Roach
Keith Holmes
Randy Daniel
Chandler Akins
Tim Cawthon
Ronnie Richardson
David Ivy
Mike Poss
Dwight Cooper
Ernie Dawkins
Joe Martin
Andy Allen
Stacy Gray
William Mitchell
Justin Wills
Perry Westbrooks
Joe Ward
Paul Mitchell 
Greg Hurley
Ethan Hutchens
Garrett Hurley
Traci Wheeless
Kris Wheeless
Margi Ward
Kelli Ward
David Echols
Linda Echols
Hayden Echols
Terry Chandler
Deborah Chandler
Diane Silcox
Brandon King
Mark Hart
Scott Andrews
Emmett Callahan
Daryl Freeman
Barry Reece 
Guerry Hall
Kent Hall
Len Stovall
Randy Daniel
Stacey Britt
Bob Ragsdale
Michael Thomason
Nick Thomason
Brannon Wilkinson
Steven Wilkinson
Mike Bruce
Marvin Cole
Brian Walker
Trey Davis
Bart Davis
Blake Poole
Billy McAdams
Gary Hendricks
Tommy Poole
Kevin McAdams
Randy Poole
Kevin Waldrop
Jan Scott
Eric Channey
April Black
Stephen Goodman
Emmett Collins
Justin Collins
Rusty Lanier
Will Godowns
Andrew Gaines
David Huddleston 
Stanley Williams
Jack Williams 
Tony Pope
Phil Moshell
Kurt Childres
Wayne Manning
Brent Hartley
Caleb Pike
Travis Young
Matt Shirley
Trey David
Jarrod Cresay
Joseph Tuggle
Anna Tuggle
Katie Tuggle
Katina Walden
Clint Malone
Angie Ellington
Ricky Jarriel
Ernest Lanier
Clay DeLoach
Brad Edenfield 
Sue Allen Baird 
Lisha Nevil
Gordon Lowe
Jay Harwell
Hal Miller
William Sumner 
Ronald Bray
Joel Scott
Rooks Bird
Jennifer Gay
Dobson Gay III
Lee Booth
Mandy Newsome Kettles
Melissa Ann Dailey Brannen
Terry Johnson
Kevin Grimes
Blake Edenfield
Wayne Mallard
Dylan Bacon
Randy G. Oglesby, Jr.
Garrett Oglesby
Margaret Sweat
Colin Quick
Lewis Rice Jr. 
Wes Johnson 
Jan Hooks
Lisha Nevil
David Shackleford
Justin Long
Amber Marsh
Adam Marsh
Becky Johnson
Steve Johnson
Todd Godwin
Dan Crispell 
Elijah Crispell
Christian Crispell
David Martin
Ty Powell
Mack Waller
Johnny Jones
Brock Pritchard
Caleb Brown
Al Roland

John Allen Roland
Jay Bowen
Shaun Page
Mark Brown 
John B. Gay
Ryan Brannen
Doug Bennett
Taylor Brinson
Zane Jordan
Lanette Ellis Skrine
J.T. Skrine
David Ellison
Mark Brown
Beau Smith
Baylor Boone
Crystal Hooks
Benji Anderson
Stephen Brantley
Ashley Day 
Trey Renfroe
Linda Waters
Jerrod Mallard
Tracie Backer Johnson
Grant Brannen
Marvin Kersey
Representative Sam Watson
Representative Matt Hatchett
Representative Bruce Williamson 
Representative Terry Rogers
Representative Jan Tankersley
Representative Dale Rutledge
Representative Jeff Jones
Representative Rick Williams
Representative John LaHood
Representative Sherri Gilligan
Representative Kevin Tanner
Senator Matt Brass
Representative Paulette Rakestraw 
Representative David Knight 
Vance Smith 
Representative Matt Dollar
Representative Bert Reeves
Representative Matt Dubnik
Representative Chad Nimmer
Senator Chuck Payne
Representative Kasey Carpenter
Representative Rich Golick
Senator Josh McKoon
Representative Timothy Barr
Representative Andy Welch
Representative David Stover
Representative Darlene Taylor
Senator Tyler Harper
Senator Marty Harbin 
Representative Scott Hilton
Representative Richard Smith 
Houston Gaines
Representative Mark Newton
Senator Jesse Stone
Matthew Gambill
Representative J Collins
Senator Brian Strickland
Senator Greg Kirk 
Representative Tom Kirby
Representative Randy Nix 
Majority Leader Jon Burns
Representative Matt Gurtler 
Senator Renee Unterman 
Representative Paulette Rakestraw
Representative David Clark 
Speaker Pro-Tem Jan Jones
Senator Steve Gooch
Representative Wes Cantrell
Representative Dominic Lariccia
Representative Susan Holmes
Representative Tom McCall
Representative Buddy Harden
Representative John Carson
Representative Kevin Cooke
Alex Kaufman
Senator William Ligon
Representative Jason Shaw
Senator John Wilkinson 
Ken Pullin
Representative Emory Dunahoo 
Representative Terry England
Kelly Stewart
Representative Clay Cox
Representative Clay Pirkle 
Representative Trey Kelley
Representative Steve Tarvin
Representative Allen Peake
Senator Larry Walker
Representative Rick Jasperse
Representative Joyce Chandler
Representative Bruce Williamson
Representative Chuck Martin
Senator Bruce Thompson
Representative Greg Morris
Senator Frank Ginn
Representative Mike Cheokas
Senator Burt Jones
Representative Heath Clark
Senator Chuck Hufstetler
Senator Jack Hill
Marcus Wiedower
Representative Penny Houston
President Pro-Tem Butch Miller
Representative Jesse Petrea
Representative Jodi Lott
Senator Dean Burke 
Representative Dave Belton
Senator Bill Heath
Jackson Williams 
Senator Brandon Beach 
Representative Barry Fleming 
Representative Josh Bonner 
Leonard Gomez 
Representative Trey Rhodes
Representative Dewayne Hill 
Martin Momathan
Noel Williams
Senator Jeff Mullis 
Greg Dolezal
Senator Lee Anderson
Representative John Corbett
Representative John Pezold 
Representative Jimmy Pruett
Senator Ellis Black
Representative David Casas 
Senator Lindsey Tippins
Representative Bill Werkheiser 
Representative Alan Powell
Jerome Crosby
Martin Sullivan
Ron Smith
Dr. Carlene Taylor
David Huddleston
John Corbett
Russ Goodman
Michael Duckett
Louis C. Alderman III
Kevin Coggins
Mike Coggins
Felton Coggins
Stanley Corbett
Carroll Coarsey
Phillip Mixon
Donald Mixon
John Hayes
Allen Kennedy
Alex Cornelius
Joe Cornelius
Ken Murray
John Bennett
Wayne Dilliard
Brandon Wade
Chris Goodman
Jason McLaine
Johnny Crumbley
Joy Crumbley
Steve Singletary 
Steven Meeks
Jamye Dawson
Brinson Lanier
Laura Pinson
Jeremy Dyer
Steven Woodruff
Terry Carden 
James Shephard
Richey Seaton 
Frank Carden 
Taylor Sills  
Will Berry
Carrie Newton 
Chelsea Newton 
John Newton 
Ben Newton 
Daniel Newberry 
Horace Weathersby III 
John Wesley Godbee 
Bo Mathis 
Jason Kinsaul 
Darren Hembree 
Carson Cross 
Matt Coley 
Andrew Lovett 
Bart Davis 
Walt Pridgen 
Buck Batten 
Jesse Patrick 
Mitchell Pittman 
Justin Pollock 
Derick Wooten 
Addison Hooks 
Daniel Raulerson 
Zeb Duvall 
David Gazda
Carolyn Gazda 
Brock Wilson
Kat Wilson 
Jed Evans
Shanna Evans 
Terry Carden 
James Shephard 
Richey Seaton 
Frank Carden 
Taylor Sills  
Will Berry 
Paul Schiell
Dennis Brock
Eric Lee
Will Wade
Ken Lauderdale
Alexander Forbes
Danny Bentley
Jim Mykytyn
Susan Branan
Bruce Akins
Brooks Fletcher
Representative Tom Taylor
Representative Tom Kirby
Senator Mike Dugan
Representative Marc Morris
Senate Majority Leader Bill Cowsert