Governor Deal: “Brian Kemp will keep Georgia moving in the right direction”

For Immediate Release
Monday, October 22, 2018

Governor Deal: “Brian Kemp will keep Georgia moving in the right direction”

(Athens, GA) – In a new 30 second commercial released today by the Kemp campaign, Governor Nathan Deal voices his opposition to Stacey Abrams’ extreme agenda and re-affirms his support of businessman Brian Kemp.

Under Governor Deal’s leadership, Georgia added over 750,000 private sector jobs, lowered taxes while growing the state’s Rainy Day Fund, and earned the title of “Best State for Business” five years in a row.

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“I am honored to have Governor Deal’s strong support in this historic race,” said Kemp. “As governor, I will build on the Deal legacy. We will continue to grow jobs, lower taxes, invest in public education, promote early learning, protect the HOPE Scholarship, and lead in criminal justice reform. 

“Thanks to Republican leadership at the State Capitol, our state is the best place to live, work, build a business, and raise a family. As governor, I will work around the clock to keep Georgia moving in the right direction.”


This election is about Georgia’s future.
We can’t afford billions in big government with higher taxes.
Brian Kemp is the only candidate who will keep Georgia moving forward.
Brian is a businessman who will grow our economy and create jobs by investing in education and a skilled workforce.
And Brian will keep Georgia safe and strong.
I’m Nathan Deal. Brian Kemp will keep Georgia moving in the right direction.