David Perdue Calls Teacher Pay Raises, State Gas Tax Suspension “Disgusting”

For Immediate Release

Monday, March 28, 2022

ATLANTA – In a recent interview, former Senator David Perdue attacked raises for Georgia educators and the temporary state gas tax suspension championed by Governor Kemp and the General Assembly as “disgusting.”

Below is the transcript of former Senator Perdue’s answer:

“Well first, let me echo what you just said. It’s disgusting to me as a private citizen to see a governor throwing our taxpayer money around in an election year as giveaways to teachers, in terms of pay raises, to taxpayers in terms of a one-time deal, in terms of a gas tax reduction.”

In response, the Kemp for Governor campaign released the following statement:

“It is ‘disgusting’ that David Perdue would attack pay raises for educators and a billion-dollar refund to taxpayers, and also advocate for Georgians to pay more for gas at the pump,” said Cody Hall, Director of Communications and Senior Advisor. “Unlike former Senator Perdue, most Georgia families don’t live behind three gates on a coastal estate and are feeling the effects of the disastrous Biden agenda. Perdue’s desperate campaign is no longer just embarrassing, it is dangerous.”


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Tate Mitchell – Press Secretary
Kemp for Governor