Kemp Campaign Calls on Stacey Abrams to Resign from Anti-Police Organization

For Immediate Release

Thursday, June 23, 2022

ATLANTA – Today the Kemp for Governor campaign called on Stacey Abrams to resign from the governing board of the Marguerite Casey Foundation, a radical group that has called to “#DefundthePolice” and “#AbolishthePolice” and which, last year, increased its funding to anti-police initiatives with Abrams’ explicit support as a governing board member. The group has paid Abrams at least $52,500 to date, according to financial disclosures.

“Stacey Abrams and her campaign staff are doing everything in their power to erase her history of supporting and advocating for anti-police initiatives that put our men and women in law enforcement at severe risk,” said Tate Mitchell, Press Secretary. “She may be able to flip flop on support for dangerous policies once she sees polling, but Stacey Abrams can’t hide from the fact that her continued service to – and willingness to profit from – the board of the Marguerite Casey Foundation is an endorsement of Defund the Police, Abolish the Police, ending cash bail, and a host of other policies that make our streets and communities more dangerous. If Abrams truly cares about keeping Georgia families safe, she should resign from this board immediately.”

Earlier this summer, Fox News reported Abrams joined the Marguerite Casey Foundation as a governing board member in 2021, and shortly thereafter, she voted “yes” in a unanimous board decision to increase funding to anti-police initiatives. The press release from that vote can be found here, explicitly stating “This latest initiative is fully supported by Marguerite Casey Foundation’s Board of Directors, which recently named seven new changemakers to the Board, including Stacey Abrams.” Fox News’ reporting goes on to detail that Abrams has pocketed at least $52,500 from the organization, according to her own financial disclosures.

The Marguerite Casey Foundation has made no secret of its advocacy for the #DefundthePolice and #AbolishthePolice movements, evident in its public support for the anti-police agenda on social media as recently as March and February of this year – well after Abrams entered the race for governor.


Press Contact

Tate Mitchell – Press Secretary
Kemp for Governor