Brian Kemp.
Putting Georgians First.


Brian was raised in Athens. He went to Clarke Central High School and learned the value of hard work from legendary football coach Billy Henderson. The Gladiators won the State Championship because they believed the impossible was possible. Coach was right –with enough heart and hard work –“It can be done.”


Brian Kemp worked his way through college. After graduating from UGA, he went to work in construction full time and started his first business with just a shovel and a pick-up truck. Brian woke up before dawn –digging ditches, pouring concrete, and hammering nails. Along the way, he started other companies, created jobs, and provided economic opportunities for Georgia families and communities.


Twenty-four years ago, Brian married his childhood friend Marty. The couple raised their three daughters to love God, work hard, and serve others. Brian is running for governor to make sure that all Georgia families are safe and prosperous.


Brian ran for public office because he was fed up with government overreach. In the State Senate, he cut taxes, slashed regulations, and prioritized public safety. As your Secretary of State, he streamlined government, safeguarded our elections, and fought for our values.


Brian is proud of his record - but the race for governor isn’t about the past. It’s about the future. As governor, Brian Kemp has a plan to put hardworking Georgians first:

  • Jobs: To spur economic growth and opportunity for all Georgians, Brian will slash ridiculous regulations, taxes, and mandates that crush local businesses. He will grow jobs, bring economic development projects to rural Georgia, and make our state #1 for small business.
  • Public Safety: Brian Kemp will stand with our prosecutors and law enforcement to dismantle gangs and shutdown the cartels. He will end sex trafficking and punish sex predators. Above all, Brian Kemp will keep your family safe and our future bright.
  • Taxes: As governor, Brian Kemp will cap government spending and lower taxes on Georgia families. He will stand against big government programs that cost too much and fail to deliver for taxpayers.
  • Education: The husband of a former Pre-K teacher, Brian supports early childhood education, pay raises for teachers, local control, school choice and will fight to safeguard the Hope Scholarship so it is available to all Georgians. Kemp will reduce the mandates and paperwork on educators. He will put students ahead of the status quo.
  • Healthcare: As governor, Kemp will craft a Georgia-focused healthcare solution that lowers costs on premiums and prescription drugs while increasing access for Georgia families. He will fund mental health services, protect rural hospitals, and tackle the doctor shortage with more residency slots and better incentivizes for rural physicians.

Kemp Family

Brian Kemp believes in Georgia. With your vote on November 6, he will work to ensure that our best days are ahead!