Letter to the editor: Georgia’s rural communities are struggling to stay afloat

Rural communities throughout Georgia are struggling to stay afloat. With high unemployment rates, limited economic development opportunities and reduced access to quality healthcare, education, and, yes – high speed internet, it’s tough for residents, businesses and organizations in small towns to get ahead. 

In the 2018 governor’s race, conservative businessman and Secretary of State Brian Kemp is the only candidate with a comprehensive strategy to support rural Georgia.

The core of Kemp’s plan is simple: To move Georgia forward, we must ensure that all parts of our state – including rural Georgia – are given the same opportunities to grow and thrive. 

He proposes the expansion of high speed internet through innovation, private sector incentives and streamlined government. 

To keep Georgia’s agriculture community strong, Kemp recommends the creation of an agricultural workforce development program through the technical college system of Georgia to train farmers and agri-business leaders. He also wants to expand our inland ports, protect water resources, and take “Georgia grown” to the international stage. 

As governor, Kemp will develop economic development strike teams – through partnerships with local community leaders – to identify assets and recruit businesses and jobs to places outside of metro Atlanta. 

Kemp also has a policy prescription to enhance educational outcomes for our students and improve access to healthcare for citizens throughout our county. 

Now, more than ever, we need state leaders with a deep connection to rural Georgia and a plan to strengthen the entire state – regardless of zip code. Brian Kemp is the only candidate to visit every one of Georgia’s 159 counties. He knows our struggles and strengths. He understands the opportunities and landmines that currently exist. He Brian Kemp is experienced, trusted and knowledgeable. I am confident that as our state’s next governor, he will create a new day in rural Georgia. 

Ben Grayson

Guyton, Ga.


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