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(Athens, GA) - Realtor and conservative lawmaker Rep. Sam Teasley (R-37), who represents Cobb County in the Georgia General Assembly, endorsed businessman Brian Kemp today calling him a "school choice champion" and "constitutional conservative."

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(Athens, GA) - Today, conservative businessman Brian Kemp is up on television with a new ad that rebuffs false attacks from career politician Casey Cagle, highlights the corruption scandal that is sinking his opponent's campaign, and features a cameo by his daughter's suitor, "Jake."

The thirty second spot entitled "Warm" is Kemp's first ad of the Republican Primary Run-Off, which is on July 24th.

Earlier this week, Kemp for Governor announced a million dollar ad buy.

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Rep. Ed Setzler Endorses Kemp For Governor

(Athens, GA) - Conservative lawmaker and Chairman of the House Science and Technology Committee Rep. Ed Setzler (R – Acworth) has joined a growing list of elected officials who are backing Brian Kemp for governor.

"Brian Kemp is a self-made businessman who was successful in the ‘real world’ before he ever entered politics," said Rep. Setzler. "For 30 years, Kemp has built companies and created private sector jobs for working professionals throughout the state.

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Cagle Aims, Misses the Truth (Part III)

Career politician Casey Cagle is lashing out after a secret recording left his campaign for governor spiraling out of control. Cagle’s new ad attacks conservative businessman Brian Kemp and attempts to undermine his successful tenure as Georgia’s Secretary of State.

Here are the facts:

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Cagle Aims, Misses the Truth (Part II)

On June 2, a poll by Public Opinion Strategies showed the Republican Primary Run-off in a statistical dead heat. Days later, career politician Casey Cagle launched a new series of attacks online and in the press.

The Cagle attack attempts to undermine Kemp’s rock-solid record on the 2nd Amendment.

Here are the facts:

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Cagle Aims, Misses On The Truth

On May 21, career politician Casey Cagle vowed to run a “positive campaign.” Days later, he took aim at conservative businessman Brian Kemp with a poorly produced and incredibly unoriginal television ad.


Cagle’s ad attempts to undermine Kemp’s private sector experience by attacking Hart AgStrong – a small Georgia oilseed processor that Kemp invested in prior to the Great Recession.


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Georgia governor's race: Cagle, Kemp headed to GOP runoff vote, Dems choose Abrams as nominee

Georgia Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and Secretary of State Brian Kemp advanced to a July runoff vote Tuesday night in the state's GOP race for governor, after grueling campaigns that saw the candidates battling over who carried the most social conservative credentials.

After failing to receive 50 percent of the vote, Cagle and Kemp are set to compete in what analysts say is likely to be both an expensive and nasty campaign.

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