Abrams’ Distractions – Resignation

Yet again, Stacey Abrams and her left-wing supporters are turning up the outrage machine to distract voters from Abrams’ tax scandal and decision to fund her campaign instead of paying her taxes.

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Abrams’ Distractions – Voter Suppression

Stacey Abrams and her liberal Democrat friends are trying to distract from the fact she made $1 million dollars over the last five years, owes $54,000 to the IRS, yet loaned her campaign $50,000.

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Abrams’ Distractions – Randolph County

Abrams’ poll numbers are sinking and Democrats need a “scandal” to distract Georgia voters. They found one in Randolph County.

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Brian Kemp Condemns Rep. Jason Spencer's Unacceptable Rhetoric and Behavior, Urges Public Apology

In response to State Representative Jason Spencer's appearance on "Who Is America?" on Showtime, conservative businessman Brian Kemp issued the following statement:

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