Cagle Aims, Misses the Truth (Part II)

On June 2, a poll by Public Opinion Strategies showed the Republican Primary Run-off in a statistical dead heat. Days later, career politician Casey Cagle launched a new series of attacks online and in the press.

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Cagle Aims, Misses On The Truth

On May 21, career politician Casey Cagle vowed to run a “positive campaign.” Days later, he took aim at conservative businessman Brian Kemp with a poorly produced and incredibly unoriginal television ad.

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Georgia governor's race: Cagle, Kemp headed to GOP runoff vote, Dems choose Abrams as nominee

Georgia Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and Secretary of State Brian Kemp advanced to a July runoff vote Tuesday night in the state's GOP race for governor, after grueling campaigns that saw the candidates battling over who carried the most social conservative credentials.

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